Eggs available Spring 09'


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Jul 18, 2008
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Putting together a list of people who may be interested in my future hatching eggs.

Coturnix (jumbo)
I will have a golden jumbo male in with a few hens (about 3 hens)- Golden is a dominant color so should expect the eggs to be all goldens.

I have 2 tibetans I'm pretty sure both are males so they will be in with separate hens, the one tibetan male has patches of white on his chest which I will be working for a new color in them of speckled chests hoping to get more white specks on the chest of his offspring.

All other coturnix are normal browns

Normal browns are $18 for a dozen which includes shipping. Normal browns plus a few golden and tibetan eggs (totaling a dozen) $19 which again includes shipping.

If you want specifically eggs from the golden
the normal tibetan
or the speckled tibetan

since I will have so little of those to offer, I'm guessing It'll take a few extra days to get a dozens worth of any specific color you're interested in so i'd say $25 for a dozen of any specific color

Or $23 for a dozen of all three types (golden, tibetan or speckled) in an assortment

I still cannot completely guarrentee colors, but hopefully my word will be enough to strike a few peoples interest in the color specific orders---and hopefully those hatchers will be able to give me good feed back on what was produced to get more trusting customers ha ha. We'll see how it works out.

Button quails are $12 for a dozen (includes shipping)- for now colors will be unknown, but by spring I should have pairs of specific colors paired up, then prices may up on the pure color possiblities. But assortment will be $12.

No obligation waiting list!

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