Eggs Away Again...


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May 25, 2020
Over the course of 6 years we had a few egg laying chicken flocks of up to 16 different chickens and maybe 4 different breeds in the sweet little Mennonite coop with a large screened adjoining run we built in our yard. We stopped a couple of years ago due partly to the many challenges - including the terrifying storm of critters who over several nights ravished our girls killing all of them - and so we've been out of the egg biz for a while. Hoping this time we can do a better job of it with the help of the pros, and their amazing wealth of valuable experience and success. Thanks everybody!


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Yep, before we took our two year chicken raising sabbatical I was on the verge of buying some kind of electrified wiring system to add to the bottom and the top of our chicken run. But the electric wiring option looked so complicated and involved - battery, solar, warning signage, amps, volts, watts, etc., that I just got discouraged. I had power at the coop for lights and water no ice heater via a long heavy duty extension cord hooked up yo to the coop with no problem... How come it's so complicated when I've got the eltricity there already???

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