Eggs been jolted by accident day 7


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Feb 12, 2010
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I accidently slightly kicked my incubator which is on the floor next to my brooder and the eggs inside moved a little bit but some were facing differnet directions so I knew that i jolted the eggs, are embryos very sensitive to movement and should I be worried? its day 7 of incubation
No, they will be fine. My cat knocked the bator off a table one time and several eggs broke. But those that weren't broken developed and hatched just fine.

Oh, and
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thank you so much I was so worried that it was all over for my chickies lol cant wait til i have little vorwerks everywhere hehe thank you again
I did the same thing last night (day 6), dropping the egg tray inside the bator about 3 inches high. My heart was about to drop on the floor. Hope you are right about the embryos will be ok.
Similar thing happened to me was putting the tray in my incubator, didn't drop the tray but sort of clipped the side of the incubator and gave the eggs on that end of the tray abit of a jolt and a few sorta popped out of the hole in tray, only seem the rattle about 10 of the eggs what r the chances of anything bad happening to those eggs?? it is day 3 of incubation

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