Eggs but no chick!


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Mar 11, 2021
I have two broody hens that will have chicks any day now. When I came in the coop this morning, I found 2 eggs empty, but no chicks. I know there were chicks in these specific eggs. These broody hens are not separated from the other hens. Do you think they got eaten? Or are they possibly laying under the hen? I cannot hear any chirping though. Now I'm constantly checking to see if any more are hatching just to make sure they aren't killed. Please help.
Hopefully they are under the hens. Have you tried gently lifting the hens to check? I'd do so just to assure myself that the other hens are not eating the chicks.
This morning I woke up to find another bloody eggshell in the coop, and blood on the back of one of the hens that is broody. :hit I am so sad! When my husband gets home, we will move the 2 broody hens and remaining eggs (hopefully there are still some left) into a safe place. I'm just wondering if it is the broody hen or another chicken that is eating them?
Aww, I’m so sorry 😢, when are they due to hatch? Have they ever hatched eggs before ? Can you incubate the rest of the eggs?

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