Eggs can wait x days before incubating?

Ok, ordered the fans yesterday. Will save up the eggs they lay starting Monday. If the fans come in late, I'll just fridge the ones that are too old.
i'm sure this is not the recommended sequence of events
but i added a circulated air fan on day eight

i replaced the lid of the 'bator with a piece of rigid insulation
while i added the fan, i doubt the procedure took 2 minutes
Everything I have read says after 14 days of storage fertility drops off to almost zero also I am sure that is at optimal storage conditions as well.
Its more like walking down a empty pool. Its a slow decline till day 14 an then it drops off much faster. So the shorter the timeframe the better but much past day 14 an none will hatch. Still pretty good a day 14 though. Thats for being stored around 60*F

Fridge eggs lose a lot the first 3 days an then level off an can last well in to a second month.
Ordered the fans, but my fiance brought home 2 little fans for me! Aww, already shipped out, so they will be going straight to storage, lol.

Oh, 1 of my original Jap daughters is the one who laid that mysterious 3rd egg! She just started, yay!
idk what they are.

There are a ton of wires on these two, 4 tiny wires, different colors.
8 tiny wires, also different colors.

What do I do??

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