eggs candled at day 17 look like development of day 10 or 11

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    Mar 5, 2013
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    New to incubation..... When I candled the eggs on day 17 to cull, I noticed that one looked like it was not as progressed as the others. I took it out to do an eggtopy and it was still alive and breathing....but size was much smaller than the others in their egg.

    In other batchs, some eggs are not progressing like they should.....They seem to be a number of days behind in development.

    Doing dry hatch method using an LG incubator and another for hatcher.

    For bator: Temp at top of rack is 99. Temp at top of egg is 100 to 101. Humidity is rock solid at 16 in bator.

    For Hatcher: Temp at top of rack is 99. temp at top of eggs is 100 to 101. Humidity has fluctuated low to 55 once but raised up to 65 and kept there.

    Here is the thread I am basing the development from.

    They have not gotten mixed up as I mark them A B C D....etc when I bring them in from the coop.

    any ideas????
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    May 25, 2012
    Sounds like you have the same incubator and thermometer/hydrometer as me. (My humidity always says 16, which I've learned is really lower) Are your air cells the proper size? I'm knew at this, but wondering if the size of the air cell is too large would it prevent growth? Are some eggs more porous than others?

    Are they the same size eggs?

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