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    Nov 26, 2011
    I have 6 chickens I can't tell which one is doing it but all year they laid Brown egg's all of a sudden they are blue any reason for this. Should I add something to their diet? some are blue and spotted WHY?

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    I want some of those blue eggs with spots....or are they brown eggs with blue spots? Welcome to the BYC forum.

    Eggs that are brown are actually 'white' eggs with a brown coating that the hen lays on the egg like a coat of paint as the egg travels through the ovaduct. If the basic white color was actually blue from a chicken with the blue egg gene, then I suspect the brown could be dark enough to cover the blue. When the hen runs low on the brown pigment during her laying cycle, it seems that the eggs would/could no longer be coated with brown, thus their true color would show. There are some breeds that lay spotted eggs. Welsumers for example. --
    So it is very possible to get the eggs you are describing...but probably pretty rare.

    What breeds of chickens do you have? A picture of some of the eggs would be nice to help BYC members weigh in on the mystery. If you don't have enough posts as of yet to include photos, you may be able to place some pictures of your eggs on 'your byc member page'.

    If you follow this link -you will see a blue button "add member page" see if that would work for picture posting.

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