Eggs, chicks, or pullets??

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  1. I live approximately 40 miles NE of Mohave, Ca. Yes! All desert scrub land! I have 20 acres, two 10' X 10' X 10' wired cages(all sides & bottom) to use as run area. These cages were used to house chickens prior to my obtaining them. They appear to be about as predator proof as any cage can be. They adjoin an old military cargo container w/numerous small doors for entry/exit. Cages are 1/2" X 2" HEAVY DUTY wire, not the cheap garbage available in most retail outlets. Water is of no consequence. I'm planning/hoping on putting up about 20 good egg layers in this facility, for selling eggs in the near future. My question, do I start w/hatchery eggs, chicks, or pullets? I would hope to be in egg production by mid November. What does the term "started" mean?[​IMG] I only need to install wind/shade protection for the cage runs. I cannot free range because of coyotes in the area. Mr Ruger & I can care for the birds protection.[​IMG]
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    I'm new to this also, but I think if you want egg production by November, you would need to get started birds - already laying
    I got my chicks in July when they were four weeks old, and they will not be laying for at least another month or two
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    In order for them to be laying by November 1 you will need to buy at youngest 14 week old Pullets. Even then you still may not get some laying until much later -- even January. Chickens lay when they're ready to lay 20-30+ weeks of age is only a guideline. If you really want almost immediate gratification your best bet is probably to get a few year old layers from someone else and start fresh with chicks to replace them next year.

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