Eggs drastically changing color? (Or something else?)


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May 14, 2007
SW Indiana
We acquired a White/Blue Sebright mix hen (Bertha) 5-6 months ago. She was 9 months old when we got her (now 14-15 months old). She laid beautiful tiny (1.5-2 inches) white eggs. (We even had a little baby hatch from one, not her hatching it though!) She laid consistently every other day, trying to hide her eggs, but we always found them (it's an enclosed 20x50 area). Now we haven't found any of her tiny white eggs for about 2 months. But, we are randomly finding various shades of brown eggs the same size in the nesting boxes about every other week. Could these be hers, and could they have changed colors? The one we got yesterday was dark brown. The others were medium brown.
Or could these eggs be from our 16-21 week old pullet mixes (Silkie/Standard mixes)? Maybe one is a mix with our OEG roo? I've never seen him accomplish anything with the bigger girls, but it is possible?
Just curious! I've never heard of eggs drastically changing colors. Our EE eggs change in shades, as do the brown eggs sometimes, but from super white to dark brown? Seems impossible.


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Sep 10, 2008
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I read something about eggs and color changing being affected by the tube the egg comes down before hatching but cannot remember the whole entire thing. Look on google for egg coloring.

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