Eggs Edible?

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    My chickens and ducks have been laying since summer and we love their eggs! So do friends and family.

    But after our house fire we haven't cooked any since we have no stove. We also have been too busy to keep up with giving them all away.

    We do the practice of not cleaning or refrigerating (we only clean right before cracking). I never worried when we cooked them all the time or were giving them away. But someone of them now have been weeks. (More than 2 or 3wks).

    I decided to day to finally clean them up and put them in the fridge so I can take them to work so they don't just waist away. I have about 4 dozen.

    I did the water test and some had to be thrown out they floated right to the top. The others sunk beautifully and were cleaned up and put in cartons and there was about 1 dozen, they were from the older bowl, that didn't float, they sunk, but on their tips. If I remember right those ones are okay but need to be eaten soon? So about how long can the tip floaters stay in the fridge (i'll be keeping those ones to eat)?

  2. You can feed them to your chickens. Just stir them tight into the feed. They will love them. That's what I do with my extras.
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