Eggs, eggs and more eggs!

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  1. Silly me [​IMG] I have been so into what is happening I forgot to post the first egg. Well the first 2 eggs ended up broken anyway, The girls were laying them in the litter. I decided to move the nest boxes and put them on a different wall and higher. Gave them a new roost and they got right up in the nests, lined with wood shavings and laid 2 eggs. Funny, they use the roost to get into the nest but still spend the night in the litter. There is about 8" of wood shavings for litter, perhaps they like to snuggle down in that. Today we got what would be called a large egg from one of the ladies. So now the 7 ladies are up to 3 eggs a day. I have no way of knowing if the hens are the same age or what, they were fairly old when I got them, paid way too much for them but I wanted eggs. It took 5 weeks for the first egg. Here in Costa Rica they are called, ponedoras, they are from an orangy-brown to almost red hens. They are fair size ladies, I've asked for the actual name but all I get is "ponedoras". In time they will produce an extra large egg or so I was told (easy to fool me as my Spanish is not to good at this point). Anyway we are in eggs and do they look great in the frying pan, they stand up real nice, they don't run all over well worth all the trouble I've gone thru. All [​IMG] here!


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    Congratulations on your laying ponedoras! Enjoy!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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