Eggs firm inside?


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A couple of people I have given some eggs to lately said they have cracked a couple of the eggs open and they are like hard boiled inside?? I have not come across any like this myself. Is it possible they could have froze changing the texture? I look all eggs over closely and I'm sure there were no cracks. I gets eggs once a day in the evening and we have had several cold day. When these eggs were cracked they had been a room temperature for several days though.

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are you sure it was not a normal fresh egg, the yolks are much more firm in fresh ones and some people dont understand and think there is something wrong with them but usually its just because they have never had fresh eggs.
I've had a few eggs freeze in the fridge because at the back of my fridg it's colder. They sort of look kinda solid-ish...sort of gel-like, but they definitely don't look hard boiled....

In the winter time, I warn my customers to crack their eggs into a bowl just in case they've been frozen and the egg consistency changes.....but I've checked with them, and nobody has complained......

I'm guessing maybe they froze just a bit.....I've never seen a freshly layed egg look hard boiled before...
Sounds like they've been frozen. Sometimes I store eggs on the top shelf of fridge and they freeze, texture inside is same you're describing.
oh well then probably what others said and they were a little frozen. try baking a poundcake or saomething where you will have to use lots of eggs so you can see if any of yours are like that. Or maybe stick one in the freezer or ask them to for a short while and then defrost back in frig and then crack open to see if the frozen one is similar to the ones they had before. weird....

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