Eggs from a 4 month old??


7 Years
Nov 15, 2012
Benton City, WA
I have broad breasted white turkey that we buy as chicks and raise for dinner every year. But this year is the first that one of the hens started laying at a real young age. The funny part is she will waddle over to one of our large buckets and goes in to lay her egg. Her tail sticks out of the bucket as she is so large and the egg will drop outside. She somehow pushes the egg into the bucket when she is done. But my question is, is this normal for them to lay so early? I got her as a hatchling in March and she has been laying eggs all summer and even now into winter. I think we have gotten over 30 eggs so far. Because of this we will keep her as a pet/egg layer. My egg customers just love the eggs too.

She was of 10 that I bought at the feed store as hatchlings at the end of March. Now if I figure it up right she started laying in July so she was just around 4 months old. She is still moving around very well and her body is not as large as all the others. She kept her slinder shape.... hahahah. Not a runt either. all the other hens had no eggs in any advanced size in the cavity. (Sorry- will be grose to some) All eggs were bb sized in them. But I think this hen decided to be kept because she was laying eggs..... and still laying them.

I was just thinking this was quite odd for a BBW Turkey.

... and I have become very attached to her. She loves to have hear head scratched.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Washington state

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