Eggs from the Local Pond


Langshan Lover
11 Years
Jan 4, 2009
Claremore, OK
I have an odd question. I have seen the local Mallards breeding in an apartment complex pond. They said it was okay to retrieve eggs because goodness knows they don't need anymore birds reproducing. They also said that if I could get to them, to take the Canadian geese eggs too. I'm less inclined to get those!

Can someone tell me about what month Mallards start laying in? I will be checking sporadically, but so far, have only seen breeding going on.
I am sure it depends where you live, but my guess would be April. However, taking eggs from wild birds is against the law here and I would guess it's against the law where you live as well.
Question for all of you...What if they are Domestic breeds that have been dumped at a local pond? anyone know anything about that?

There's a pond by me with lots of domestic ducks and a pair of geese that have been dumped.
That does not happen in ND as we get too cold for ducks to survive without shelter but my guess is that would be OK as they are not wild birds.

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