eggs get cracked if left in nest

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    Hi there, we're super excited that our hens have started to lay. We're getting about 5 a day from our 6 lovely ladies. However, if I don't get out there to collect them as they arrive, the next hen, during her "labor" and nesting of circling and getting comfy in her nest to lay her egg, cracks the one from the previous chicken. There is no sign of them doing this on purpose, or to eat the egg, it's just there, cracked from her moving around and probably stepping on it.

    Will the hens settle down after they get used to laying and not make such a disturbance in the next or is this how they are? They have only been laying for a week.

    Thank you!
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    Dec 2, 2010
    What do you have in the nest box for padding? We use about a four to five inch layer of pine shavings in our nest boxes and even the Jersey Giants do well with this.
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    wood shavings. maybe I need more but from what I've seen some of the girls move around so much I am guessing it's from them just being clumsy. I'm hoping they'll grow out of it before they discover they like the taste.

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