Eggs getting pecked


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May 23, 2010
I have 4 hens and Priscilla who we found to be a rooster thanks to knowledgeable people on this forum. Born May 1, they started laying eggs at about 19 weeks. It's exciting every day to go out and find a couple eggs. I've used wooden eggs to help show them where the nesting boxes are. It worked very well but every now and then I'll find one somewhere else in the coop. We are also finding a pecked (and broken) egg just about every day. I know its the RI/NH Red mix who's been a strong pecker ever since day one. She just has to peck everything. She pecks the wooden egg and finds that it won't break. Any ideas on something to do to keep her from pecking and breaking her own eggs? Thx
If she is the one doing it, she is an egg eater. The other hens will see her doing that and will do it too. It is a hard habit to break. You will have to gather the eggs often and darken the nest spots so she can't see the eggs as well. Do they have oyster shell available? Maybe throw a cabbage in with her for her to have something to peck at and keep her busy. Hope that helps a little.

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