Eggs Got Wet... And Other Questions...


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Jan 18, 2013
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Ok, so I'm going to start from the beginning... I have a hen that started sitting on the eggs that the other girls layed. She would squawk and protest when I gathered them, so I decided I would let her keep them and see if she's truly ready to be a momma. This is her FIRST time going broody! So I visited every day and she would always be sitting on them! She ccontinued to lay her own egg daily but she's been sitting on the first eggs for a few days! I'm just wondering if it's normal for a hen to sit on her eggs from day one and continue laying? It seems odd and goes against what I've read.

Now on to a bigger problem...
The eggs she's been sitting on just got wet! They were in a tub with bedding and she was happily sitting when it started to rain. I thought they were covered, but this storm was wild! I took them and placed them on a towel in a basket, and placed that basket in my bathtub until I can figure out where to put them. I then brought in my wet hen and tried to dry her off a little. I put her in the basket and she jumped out! Will the eggs be ok? It's only Been 4 days since the first egg Was laid. And 1 egg was laid just yesterday. Will she get back on the eggs? How long should I give her until I start panicking? It's kin kind of odd, but I have an incubator ready... I am on day 13. Of a hatch that I'm doing myself... the incubator has room if I need to use it? Ohh and the eggs were still warm because she was sitting on them in the water!

Please help! Thanks.

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