Eggs hatching and incubator got unplugged


Sep 2, 2015
My Coop
My Coop
Ok so some how be it by me or kids my incubator got unplugged I have a chick that had pipped, eggs that are due this weekend and eggs that just got started last weekend please tell me I didn't just kill all these eggs. The temp was at 82 humidity 40 I am freaking out over this i set geese eggs, more duck and some more chicken eggs I completely filled this thing again... Thoughts?
Thank you I praying they are fine, the ducklings are bugging me the most honestly. Tge last six that hatch all died, my husband sprayed ant poison to close to their outside brooder. End up with no ducklings by three days later. And so far out of three chicken eggs i obly have one hatching,so yeah want thrilled about that incubator getting unplugged don't want to kill any chicks. We had a rough year so far I don't think I could handle anymore animals dieing. (Dogs had to be put down, goat kid had to be put down failure to thrive was suffering, the ducklings and one chick) that I mean to keep.

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