Eggs hatching from wrong end


11 Years
Sep 24, 2008
Mammoth Spring, AR
Has anyone ever had a egg hatch from the wrong end? I know there suppose to hatch from the bigger end not the smaller end. Well looked in the incu. a bit ago and there it is hatching from the wrong end. Not sure what to do. Should I help it out or leave it alone?
I had a chick start to hatch from the wrong end and it ended up not making it
. I hope others have better luck then I did
:hitIt hatched but it is not doing so well. The stomach is hanging out (or I guess that is its stomach) Looks like the egg yolk. I knew I wouldnt get a good hatch this time do to we lost power for 3 days. But i candled and seen some moving so i couldnt bear to throw them out.
wish me luck on getting some good chicks out of 41 eggs.
Sounds like it didn't finish absorbing the yolk. Leave it in the incubator and try to keep the yolk from getting hit by the other chicks or drying out. If it breaks before absorbing and the chick starts to bleed you'll have to try to tie or seal it off or the chick will bleed to death.

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