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    How long can an egg sit out before it ruins? This pic is the ones I found today from 3 longhorns and 3 giants, 2 longhorns eggs busted and 1 giants egg busted a I was getting them out.
    [​IMG]I found where my chickens have been laying eggs, and I'm planning to cover it up, since its hard to see and get to (under my shed) and I'm not sure how long they have been there, I threw them all out, since I didn't know, but I believe my jersey giants are new layers, since I just found their eggs today. I have 3 giants, and had 6 of their eggs, I've read one egg a day?
    I have a nest box for them, they are free range, and I don't have a coop (do I need one? I'm new to chickens since March this year)
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    Depends on the temperature. If it's hot, not that long. Room temperature, about a month.
    My advice is to open one at a time in a bowl. If they stink or the yolk is runny - discard. If the yolk is intact and no smell - they're OK.
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    Thank you! I didn't think of that! I always open 1 at a time even if I collect daily, and they were colder when I got them, in dirt under my shaded shed, where its cooler than out in a regular shade. I blocked the shed off, maybe they will lay where I want them to.
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    You can also fill a sink of water and gently place them in it. If an egg sinks, it is fresh, if it partially floats up it is probably ok (best to cook it well eg bake with it). If it floats to the top complelely, it is bad and should be thrown out.

    Hope your chooks start laying where they are supposed to!

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