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  1. danschickens

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    Apr 3, 2009
    hello everone im new here but i would like to ask a few questions.

    I got some egg that should have been here today (4-4-09) but it seems like they didn't make it so they will be here monday. They where sent out wed. the 1st and where layed that day also. My question is do you all think that they will be fine? they coming from AZ to here in KY tempture here is around 55 degrees. I dont know what the weather was like everwhere else they where but i hope pretty good.

    My other question is ive had my bator up and running for about 4 days now (its a lg 9200 still air w/egg turner) . The temp is great 101.7 egg high near the front 101.4 egg high near the back and 100.3 below the egg turner in the middle these temps been steady for 4 days, so my temp looks pretty good. My problem is hummity its only at 33% with all water treys full and the two red plugs in with them out i get around 30%.. I read about dry hatching on this message board for all you guys that do that do you think the 30ish% will be good for the first 18 day? Oh ya i tested my meter aswell i got 74% with the salt and water test. thanks for any input!
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    Feb 21, 2009
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    Hopefully as long as they didnt play kick boxing with it they should be alright.
    I would try to eek the humidity up at least to 35-40% add a small sponge in the bottom and see if that helps.
    The temps sound fine for a still air, Remmber that when you put the eggs in the temps will drop for a bit dont adjust anything they will go back on there own its just the eggs getting up to bator temp.
    Good luck
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    Apr 26, 2008
    Last summer during the floods the mail got delayed. I had eggs in the postal system for 10 days and I still managed to get 2 chicks to hatch out of 24 eggs. Not great but better than nothing and I didn't expect anything to hatch at all. This is an extreme example. I think your eggs will be just fine as long as nobody decides to play kickball with the box.
  4. Mrs.SplashSilkie

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    Feb 18, 2009
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    Hi,I got eggs in the mail 2 weeks ago that were 9 days old when they got to me and by the time they went in the bator they were 11 days old and a few even older then that. I candled them yesterday and only one is not showing development. So these look promising and they came all the way from Ohio.But , one is better then none! You should be okay, Good luck!!
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