Eggs in the fridge for 3 days! Do they still have a chance?

Corey NC

12 Years
Mar 28, 2007
North Carolina
While I was out of town my serama eggs from Frank came all safe and sound no cracks or broken eggs. But the person who was caring for our house while I was gone went ahead and stuck the whole box in the fridge. It's my fault I didn't tell him but still I didn't think he would do anything with them.

They were in the fridge from thursday til just now. I have them sitting on the kitchen table now and I'm letting them get to room temperature. I'm gonna try and hatch them no matter what but has anyone has experience hatching eggs after they were in the fridge?

Come on people give me some hope!
you may still have a chance. Its only 3 days. there could still be a chance
Can't hurt to try. I've hatched eggs out that were refrigerated for much longer than that and got a good amount of chicks out of it. It just depends!
Thanks! Guys you've lifted my spirits. I'm am going to put the eggs in tonight I'll update you all in a few days and see if they made it.
the eggs I have in my bator now were in the frig almost a week - and they are on day 14 now - growing just fine - so I say warm them up and stick them in

I actually read that fertile eggs should be stored at 55 degrees F. MS State University says that's about the temperature of the vegetable bin or crisper of a refrigerator! is my source.
Ideally they should be stored at 50 to 55 and 70% humidity, and for no more than 7 days.

Everytime we bust a parameter there is a risk that the hatch will be reduced.

35F for 3 days is rather less disastrous than 70F for 3 days, yours should be fine

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