Eggs issues

Okee chic

5 Years
Jul 2, 2014
Please help. What is wrong with my hens if this is happening?
How long have they been laying eggs? It could be because they are just starting to lay eggs.
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Not that I know of. They don't seem sick. Only thing I see are weird eggs. They are pets. Have a 12x 30 foot run area. They have a night house that is 6x6. Shavings on floor that is cleaned every 5 days. Laying boxes are attacked to night house and those boxes have straw. Food is filled every 2 days and fresh water daily. They get layer crumble. Cracked corn. Oyster shell. Grit. Some oats. Some wild bird seed.
How long has this been going on? My only other thought was its an age issue. Are both hens laying weird eggs or just one?
About 3 months. I thought is was because they went through a molt. I have 5 hens. No sure which one is laying it. I never get 5 eggs everyday. They were laying 5 everyday.

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