Eggs make you smarter!???


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Feb 28, 2007
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I found this article today...on a web site I go to, RealAge tip of the day.
Can Eggs Make You Smarter?

This Week's Tips:
Can Eggs Make You Smarter?

Like your poached egg and whole-wheat toast in the morning? Your brain might enjoy it, too.

Eating selenium-rich foods -- like eggs -- could help keep your memory sharp and your brain speed on high as you age.

Your Brain on Selenium
In rural China, researchers found that elderly people who got at least the U.S. recommended daily value of selenium (about 55 micrograms per day) had cognitive test scores that put them in a league with people 10 years younger.

Woohoo! Go chickies go! Lay us some BRAIN FOOD!!
Well, then we're all geniuses!! Especially this time of year. We're about on egg overload after yesterday. Devilled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, the broccoli quiche, mmmm.


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