Eggs Marked With Sharpie

Not an issue. I mark all of mine with sharpies (including the ones under the broodies so I can take out the new eggs every day) and they all do fine.
I didn't mark the one's I sent you because I have no idea who's is who!
You're on your own to figure out what hatches! LOL!
I was watching the video "Keeping Ducks: Beautiful, Comical Things" the other night, and Tom Bartlett used what looked like either a magic marker or a sharpie on his eggs as he was collecting them in the video.

For you chicken people, Tom Bartlett is a former president of the British Waterfowl Association, and he developed the Miniature Appleyard breed at his farm in the 1980's - he knows what he's doing, and he doesn't seem to have a problem using marker on his eggs!
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