Eggs not collected for a few days - Hens abandoned nesting area?

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    May 20, 2011
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    We left the hens unattended (plenty of food and water obviously) for 4 days over the Thanksgiving holiday. We came back late Saturday night to the right number of eggs for our expectations (only 2 hens, expected 8 eggs upon return). The birds themselves were not sleeping in the laying area as usual, but out on the roosting poles in the cold wind. I thought it was strange. (Do hens normally sleep in their enclosed nesting/laying area? This has been the norm for mine, makes for poopy quarters for laying but with only 2 hens, it hasn't bothered us much.)

    Would they not like to sleep in the warm laying area like normal because there were too many eggs to sit comfy? This is the first time we left them with eggs in the next. I half expected one to broody, but with RIR I thought chances were slim. They are young - maybe 9-10 months old. And todays eggs were laid in the normal spot in the nesting area.

    To be honest, I haven't checked where they have been sleeping the last few nights since we've been home and the eggs have been collected. I'll check into that!

    Any ideas would be interesting to read! Thanks!

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