Eggs not coming out, she's blowing up

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    Mar 27, 2007
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    I tried posting this last 3 year old leghorn has a history of laying troubles that started when she was about 2. Brittle eggs, shelless eggs found in the nest, transluscent eggs, you name it. Then they got better, then they stopped. Now, she seems to be filling up with egg matter. Her body is so swollen now, I had to lift her into the henhouse lastnight. She's all muddy as she really can't even walk. She looks awful, but is still trying to eat and is some. She has always had a great and crazy personality. I want to try to save her, but this is going to be her last day. I wan't watch her suffer.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this, I am not squeemish, and if not, is it easy (I hate to say tis) to cut through a chicken's neck with kitchen shears?
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    Mar 28, 2008
    No scissors on a 3 year old leghorn. Only a hatchet will do. But don't cull her yet.
    She is heavily eggbound. Search the threads for eggbound cures.

    I know it sounds gross but have you tried sticking a finger up her vent? Maybe
    you can gently clear her that way. Is she pooping?

    We're pulling for her. [​IMG]

    I love my leghorns and am amazed daily by the size of the eggs that come out of
    those little chickens.
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    Poor baby - definately search for eggbound - there are a lot of threads here on things that can help.

    If you decide she's beyond help then a quick separation of head and body would be the most humane way. And as Shadow mentioned, it will take a hatchet at this point.

    To make it really quick and mostly fool-proof, put two nails in a board about 1-2" apart - then put her with her neck between the two nails and pull gently back. the nails will hold her neck still so you can get a good quick kill without missing.

    I'm so sorry your girl is having problems - she sounds like a sweety

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