Eggs not hatching


Jun 28, 2019
NE Kansas, USA
At what point do you get rid of eggs you were hoping to hatch? Our bantam was sitting on 3 eggs. One was bad at day 10. 1 was kicked out of the nest by another hen last week and we don’t know how long it was out but put it back in just in case. 1 egg I hoped would be fine but it’s day 22 and we can’t see that anything is happening. I’m not sure how to move forward so please advise! And any advice on how to dispose of the eggs?
22 days is already one day too many to not be hatching. I personally start a fire when I get a fire permit and burn the eggs. My version of cremation. My dog would probably eat em if I gave it to him, but I don’t want him to get into the habit of eating eggs although if he finds my free ranging hens’ stash he’ll eat em. We’ll know by how shiny his coat is.
I'd give the egg another day or two, then check to be sure if it's moving or peeping. If it seems dead, throw it in the trash can, or dig a hole and bury it. (I wouldn't want to put lots of dead/spoiled eggs in the trash, but one shouldn't be a problem.)
21 days is a baseline not exact some will hatch sooner and some later depending on incubation variations, I have had hen sit on eggs and now check before tossing, she got off after 24 hours and had 5 egg in the nest but didn't go back there, didn't have time to deal with her nest thats day so 2 days later I co out and hear cheeping there were still 2 viable eggs and one had internally pipped. in the incubator when I first started I was waiting as couldn't bring myself to toss eggs after a bad hatch, apparently there was a cool spot and got 3 that hatched at day 25
I got rid of the eggs but the hen is still broody (obviously) so now what is the best/kindest thing to do? I’ve read about breaking broody hens when you don’t want them to sit on eggs but what about after they tried for 4 weeks? I suppose I could
A- just keep taking the eggs and moving her out of the nesting box
B- remove her from the normal coop to someplace she can’t access any nesting boxes
C- let her try again sitting on a few eggs (but what if the same thing happens again?)
D- try to find someone in my area with the kind of chicks we wanted to add in the coming months (probably a super long shot)

Any advice? I feel bad for her!
A and D would be your best bet, it's to hard on a chicken to try back to back broods.

Or you can get a wire dog cage and some ice packs to cool her off, cege just needs to be up on bricks or something to let air circulate to help cool her off to stop broody, if you want you can put an Ice pack under her for a few minutes at a time. Only food and water in the cage and it can be in the coop with the rest of the flock

Have you candled the eggs at all? if they are alive you should see some movement, I would recommend doing that to help make your decision.
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