eggs not hatching

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10 Years
May 5, 2009
Veneta, Oregon
One of my hens started a set on April 19. After 24 days no babies. I pulled those eggs, she was determined to set so I gave her another batch and moved her to a private place all to herself, (I thought maybe they didn't hatch the first time because the other hens kept getting in with her.) Well it is 27 days since I put the new batch under her and nothing. I know my roo is doing his job because his fave's are all naked on there backs. I know he is fertile, we have several of his offspring. There is no sound from the eggs, and I am not very good at candleing them. hhheeeeeellllpppp please. Should I give her some more because she still seems so determined
honestly I would not let her set on another clutch, I would try to find her a couple of day old chicks and put them under at night if she is that determined to be a mother step in and give her some babies

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