Eggs not pipping on day 21?


5 Years
Jul 10, 2014
I have 6 Lavender Orpington eggs in my incubator. I incubated last on day 16 and saw movement in each egg. Day 18, I took them off the automatic turner. Today is day 21 and there is no pipping or anything. I candled a couple of the eggs to see if anything was going on. I see something in there, but thing is, nothing is moving?? Does this mean something is wrong? I find it strange that out of all 6 none have started doing anything? Last eggs I incubated started pipping on day 20. I hope nothing happened to them. How long before I should really know what's going on?
21 days is the usual day of hatch, but it can vary by a few days if incubation conditions aren't optimum. I'd give them a few more days to see if they pip and hatch. Though, if you didn't see movement when you candled, they may have died. Not all eggs make it to hatching, even in perfect conditions.
Thanks....Will wait it out a few more days and keep my fingers crossed....
This also happened to me with two of my seven eggs. All five that did hatch pipped and hatched on day 22. I left the two in there for two more days and still nothing. I candled them on the 24th day and there was no internal pip or movement. Once i was mostly sure they were dead i did an eggtopsy where i realized they both died while the yolk was being absorbed. So sometimes it just happens for various reasons. If i were you i would leave them in there 2 to 3 more days and if there is no internal or external pips, or movement by day 25 i would do an eggtopsy on 2 eggs and if they are both dead you can pretty much expect all of them to be dead. Good luck!
OK, went ahead and opened one up, there was still yolk in the egg and the chick was dead. So, I just went and did the rest, same thing, there was yolk in every single one of them and all chicks were dead....what could have caused this?
They all were at same development stage except one, it seemed to have died earlier than the others. I kept an eye on temp. and humidity and stayed a constant 100 degrees in there and humidity stayed right around 50%. I hatched some eggs before these and they did wonderful. I am wondering since these were shipped eggs did this have any type of effect on them. I did everything I was suppose to so not sure what happened just very, very disappointed.
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