Eggs of different ages in the incubator?!


Jun 14, 2022
Hello all, I’m not a first time Hatcher but this is the first time someone has asked me to incubate eggs about a week or two younger than the duck eggs I already had in the incubator. My older group is due to hatch in two days and I need to raise humidity. Will the humidity spike affect the younger eggs badly? I can artificially keep them warm out of the incubator but is this necessary, has anyone done this before? I have nine eggs total, 8 ducks and one other. 6 ducks are mine from an older date, the other two are my adopted ones...the incubation process had already started with them and so I couldn’t wait until the first group hatched to get them in. Thanks for the help!
I often incubate so I have a hatch every week, I don't get amazing hatch rates but they are okay. What I do is raise the humidity for hatching and then drop it after that batch has hatched which evens out the air cells.

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