Eggs ok to eat?

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  1. kashifk95

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    Oct 3, 2016
    Dear all,

    I have a bantam hen which may start to lay soon.
    But the only worry is that if it would be OK for me to eat her eggs.
    This is because about 2-3 months ago (Near the time i got her) I noticed her wheezing. I haven't heard it lately, I put my ear to her back but couldnt hear wheezing. I just have a fear that she may have a chronic breathing problem?

    How can I tell if an egg is OK to eat? What if the egg is from an ill or infected bird?
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    Jan 30, 2015
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    The eggs will not be affected by a respiratory issue, to the best of my knowledge. I have eaten eggs from my birds when such things have cropped up and I'm ok (well, I'm alive [​IMG])
  3. rebrascora

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    I agree. Whilst I understand that some respiratory infections can pass on to the next generation of chickens hatching from those eggs, there are no documented cases of humans getting sick from their eggs that I am aware of and since respiratory infections in chickens are extremely common, I'm pretty sure it is something that would be well documented if there was a risk.

    I certainly have chickens that have intermittent respiratory problems and have no problems eating their eggs. If however, you treat them with antibiotics, then there is a withdrawal period during which eggs should not be eaten because of the medication.

    Good luck with getting lots of lovely eggs from her.


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  4. kashifk95

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    Oct 3, 2016
    Thank you for the reply guys.

    Just wanted to confirm that the chicken wasn't actually wheezing (I only just heard what wheezing chickens sound like!, I could just hear it breath really loudly as if it ran a mile but had something stopping it from breathing.

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