Eggs out of incubator and under broody?


10 Years
May 7, 2009
I have Polish eggs in the incubator. Day 21 is June 11th.

And of course, NOW, my Red Frizzle hen is broody!

Has anyone taken eggs out of the bator and put them under a broody?
Since the eggs are already on day 14 is it too late?
Will my hen "understand" when they begin to hatch "early"?
You didn`t say how many eggs or the size of the hen. Soooo, no reason it shouldn`t work, uuuuunlessss, you get greedy and put too many eggs under her. She must be able to comfortably cover them all. If you can`t put them all under her, continue some in the bator and place the chicks under her after they hatch. Do all this shuffling at night and in the dark so you don`t stress her. She won`t care how many days she has them. good luck.........Pop
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Thanks! I am just going to put 2-3 eggs
under her. She is a bantam hen and on the smallish side.
I have 18 in the bator total.

Now, if she sits on them and it works out I may toss a couple more her way.
Hey, this is a good idea. I've got a light brahma bantam that has been broody for a long time. I've let her try hatching twice, but she abandons the eggs around day 14 or so. I'll give her some eggs (3 or 4) for lockdown and let her raise those chicks. I'll only give her a few just in case it doesn't work.
Let me know how it works out

I put two under my broody hen late last night. She pecked the crap out of my hand, she is normally docile, so that's a good sign!

She was still sitting when I opened the coop this morning and then came out to eat/drink. After about 15 minutes I watched her head back in.
How long do they stay off? And what should I watch for?

This is my first broody hen so not sure what to expect.
If it works, she might be able to raise all the chicks. Last year, I put in an order with a local breeder. Like magic, one of my hens went broody exactly 21 days before I was scheduled to pick up chicks at the breeder's. So on the day my hen was hatching, I waltzed in with 12 chicks & tucked 'em right up under her. She raised all seventeen chicks.
Saved me the hassle of tending a brooder!
That was exactly what I was thinking

I thought, at first, that I would try two eggs to see what would happen. Then add a few more.

BUT...I think I will just let her have these 2 and hatch the rest in the bator. Then tuck the day olds under her to foster!
Oh no! I took a half day today and watched my broody for the afternoon.
In the coop/run I have the Red Frizzle and a Barred Rock hen. This morning the Frizzle was sitting on the eggs.
When I came home at noon, the Barred Rock was sitting on the eggs!

After a while, NEITHER, were sitting and even still. It's been about an hour or so.

It is very warm here, about 91 degrees. Think it's too hot? Do the eggs get hot and the hen knows to let them cool? Just wondering
how long I should give them until I pull and put back in the bator.

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