Eggs & Runners- Questions about what i should do??

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    Back in April we picked up our new baby Chocolate Runner from Shicks0211 (Thank you again he is just awesome)
    brought him home to my 2yr old Female runner [​IMG] he is 4 1/2mths old now, drake feather has come. I've noticed lately he has been trying to mate with my female and from the looks of it all goes well [​IMG] so she's been laying for a while now, and i used to just take her eggs every morning but this last month i have stopped, dont know if i should mention she used to just lay anywhere, pool, yard etc. but during this month she got her self a nice hidden spot with about 15-17 eggs in this nest. every morning i come out to feed and water and she is on that nest she wont come out for a while, mainly untill i leave.

    question: Does she need to be sitting on them all the time or a certain % of the time. (I think she comes out through out the day and goes back at night) would living in florida be helpful for them to hatch.. LOTS HEAT especially lately. from what i been reading sounds like she has to be on them ALOT.**I did crack open 1 of the eggs to check to see if it was fertile** IT WAS GOOD![​IMG]

    annnd if thats the case and she isnt gonna go broody for me...

    Then if i wanted to get an incubator should i toss those 15-17 eggs she has and start collecting every morning and add those marking on them to the bator and just go from there?

    Whatcha think BYC

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