Eggs Taken From Under Hen

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    I had 11 guinea eggs under a hen. One night something took 5 eggs from under her. A couple of nights later two of the remaining 5 were broken under her. About a week later the remaining eggs are gone. She was in the chicken house. The pen is surrounded by chicken wire on two sides and metal on 2 sides. There are some small openings around the top of the metal which are covered with chicken wire. In the chicken house there are some holes that the chickens have scratched under the wood at the bottom of the wire. I have seen a large rat in the house. We do have Weasels in this area (I know they can go through small openings, but do they eat chickens?). My chickens and, and I have some small turkeys in different sections have not been bothered. I think they are after only the eggs. I also think they get some of my fresh eggs/

    What do we think, Rat, Snake, Weasel.

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    Rat - Wiesel will take the hen too.

    Rats will go in & chase her off the nest then roll the eggs away.

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