eggs touching wet sponge


11 Years
May 2, 2009
Forest Lake, Minnesota
I have a lot of eggs in the incubator. I have just started lockdown. Some of the eggs may have to touch the wet sponges. Is that bad for the egg? Will the moisture wick through the egg shell?
I am told that you dont want that b/c it will wick thru and possibly drown the chick. But if you have already locked down I woulnd not open the bator up to save those couple of eggs and risk the rest. I am told that no matter what not to open the bator till day 23 that the chicks will be fine for 3 days b/c they have absorbed the yolk which provides them nutrients (this I know is a fact) But since these people have incubated eggs for 40 plus years I would think they know best. Good luck with your hatch, sorry it was a little too late!

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