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  1. Its day 17 for me and I have a 'bator full of misc "flavors" of Rocks. So far I have had 3 barred rock eggs that began "weeping" that I had to remove (no explosions so far, thank goodness) and boy do they stink. Anyway, does anyone know the cause of this? I have incubated orps of all colors, welsummers, EEs, RIRs and have never encountered this. Wondering if I have done something wrong, or if this just happens occasionally. THANKS [​IMG]
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    sounds like they have been invaded with bacteria. Its nothing you did wrong, maybe one hen lays an extremely porous egg or lays in a spot thats not too clean. I have had it happen, not too often but maybe one out of 100 chicken eggs, it happens more with turkey and duck. With duck its more of a white foam. Sometimes I can smell the smell but I cant find the exact egg till I get it on my hand while turning!
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    Haha--I have an egg sniffing dog! I could rent him out I guess if anyone needs him.

    I can open up the incubator, and he will indicate the 'bad' egg right away!

    I am hoping for large amounts of money here. Think of the eggs you will lose if one explodes. [​IMG]

    So the cost of renting the dog will pay for itself many times over.


    PS--My dog really does do that, but I hope everyone understands I was kidding about renting him out.

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