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Aug 17, 2019
I have a brooding hen and she is laying on 6 eggs. 1 is getting ready to hatch the others are 2 to 4 days behind the first. I dont want her to abandon the other eggs. Im not sure what to do.
Welcome to BYC! I think she'll wait but for how long is the question...she's going to have to take the early chick(s) to eat and drink. I had a broody keep sitting on the last egg after three had hatched. After 2 days tho, she finally left the egg. It was pipping so I brought it indoors and hatched it using a heating pad.
Good luck with yours, keep us updated!
She ended up hatching 2. The first hatched on the correct day. The other hatched 6 days later. We didn't think any others would hatch because she didn't lay on them for 2 days but she's a miracle chick.

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