12 Years
May 12, 2007
upstate SC
Hey..... I teach preschool and would like to have some eggs to incubate here at school. Does anyone have some they would like to donate?
If mine were laying I would donate
But they are being so lazy. I'm SURE someone will have some...just keep trying. Here is a bump too ;D Good luck and I wish my teachers would have done that when I were in school.
I'm just starting my flock again so no eggs for you. Give it time there are some generous people on byc. If you offer to pay for the shipping or let people know of your location where some one might be close to you. Good luck with your quest.
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I'd send you some but I don't have a rooster right now......I will in by the end of summer though..........(he's a two day old GLW chick at the moment.)
Giving you a bump to help you along your way......Giving some additional information would be a very good idea. Where are you located? How soon would you like to start? What's the latest you figure you could start and still get them hatched out before the end of the school year? I'd love to be able to help you, but we just got our first roo and I'm thinking he might still be a bit too young to be fertile yet. He hasn't even made anything that resembles a pass at any of my girls yet.

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