6 Years
Aug 25, 2013
I have six girls and for a very Long time they always had 5-6 eggs per day (one each) I have one Hen Francine that goes broody once in a while but she hasn't done it for a while. anyways as of lately I have been getting only 4 and sometimes 5 eggs and they are not the best eggs. for the most part they always laid huge big brown beautiful eggs now they are small and the shell is sometimes very thin. I am giving them a layer pallet with oyster shell combo and in the afternoon they get to roam around the yard. Why are my girls getting all weird with their eggs? also this is the first time my Francine is loosing a lot of her feathers. is this normal? I am not sure what kind of hens they are or how old they might be because I bought them from a sorry person who had them all in a cage on top of each other and I felt very horrible for the poor hens so I did what any human would, I bought them and became a first time chicken owner who did not know squat about hens but they have a nice life now, with food a lot of space to roam and clean water. the pictures below are as follow the black one is Francine she is the one loosing her feathers and the one who goes broody on me. the other two are Blondie and Big Red they are the same as my other three who I cant find a picture of. they are all about the same age except for Francine I think she might be older but I don't know how to tell of if there's even anything to look at to be able to tell.


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