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    Nov 1, 2013
    south western pa
    Got 6 leghorns about a month ago, had 2 eggs by the time we got home. None laid for a week and a half. Then I got 1 large egg, the next day I also got a large. Then I started getting 1 xl size egg a day then another hen started laying jumbo sized eggs. I have been getting 1 xl and 1 jumbo everyday for about a week now. This morning I got 2 large the xl and jumbo one of the large is a cream color though. Why are they laying different sized eggs and now a different color? All same breed chickens [​IMG]
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    Jun 29, 2012
    Several factors could be at play. First of all, every chicken is different. Even hens among the same breed won't lay exactly the same eggs, just like they won't look or act exactly the same. Also, if the hens are different ages, that could explain the difference in size. Older, more experienced hens lay bigger eggs. As for the tinted eggs, my bet would be on a mixed ancestry. Maybe a great-great-great grandfather was a Rhode Island Red or something. We may never know.

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