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    I set a full incubator of hatched eggs on Tuesday. Yesterday something smelled off, and I noticed one had a crack, so I removed it but it was stuck and when I pulled it off it had leaked a bit on the turner. Then I turned off the turner, temporarily moved the other eggs on that rail to the other side, removed the rail and bleached it. When dry I put it back. This morning I check and another one is cracked (this one majorly with stuff oozing out of it too). Removed that. Nothing seems to have gotten on the turner this time - should I remove and bleach again? I don't want to keep disturbing all the other eggs.

    Also, I have done several hatches now. This is the first time with any cracked/leaking/exploding eggs. I checked them all carefully before I set them and didn't see any cracks. Should I be worried about more going this route? They are marans eggs, so I doubt I'll be able to see anything well when I do candle.

    Oh, and the one that leaked this morning - when I removed it I cracked it the rest of the way open and it is GREEN inside (and really stinky).
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    Hmm. A quick wipe might be okay, as long as oyu're not putting another egg bac in that spot on the turner. Then again, might be better to bleach it just to be safe. You'd hate it if all your eggs were bad and you'd be thinking to yourself "Was it because I never bleached out after that second one?" I guess it's up to you. If this was eggs from my own flock, I'd just wipe and cross my fingers. But if it was precious eggs I'd paid a lot of money for, I'd definitely be bleaching. I'd also be giving each of the remaining eggs a good careful sniff to see if I could detect any more possible stinkers. If you've already had two, finding more is a distinct possibility!

    I'd also be contacting the seller to inform them that they might have some hygiene issues with their flock.
    But I'd perhaps not quite put it like that. Don't want to upset or offend anyone obviously. [​IMG]

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