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    Feb 27, 2011
    I had 10 Blue Andalusians in lockdown---5 hatched early (day 19-20) and the rest didn't hatch. So tonight, after candling (can see pretty dang well into those white eggs) and seeing no movement (now into day 25), I eggtopsied them. All five were fully formed chicks with everything apparently in the proper place, not shrinkwrapped. None of them had their yolks absorbed and all of them had a moderate amount of gushy liquid around them inside the inner membrane. Large airsacs on all of them (like at least a third of the egg). Anyone with ideas on what might have happened? I'm guessing temp too high, since five hatched early. The five that did hatch all took about 29 hours from pip to zip but are all doing quite well now.

    By the by there are also a bunch of Welsummers in there I haven't worked up the guts to eggtopsy yet. Only one of those hatched. [​IMG]
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