Egyptian Fayoumi behaviour

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    Jul 26, 2012
    I have 10 Egyptian Fayoumis that are 12 weeks old. For the last two nights they have not gone back into their coop. One night I found 5 of them snuggled together next to the garage and the other 5 together behind the coop.

    Tonight, after dark, I went to check on them. The coop is empty, then I spy one by a cedar tree. Now, this is a cockerel, and he is standing there, head up, tail up, watching me. Interesting, okay, so I sweep the flashlight around some more and I find another cockerel about 1/4 the distance around the tree, then another and another. I look in the tree and find the rest roosting on branches about 4 feet up.

    So, I'm watching these 4 guys, then I notice they all have their tails facing the tree. They are positioned facing possible approach areas around the tree!! They are keeping guard!!??

    Has anyone had a similar situation at night? I will check on them again after-while to see if they change guard or go to sleep.

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