eight week old barred rock in trouble


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Sep 12, 2013
I have 20 8 week old Barred rock chicks, this morning I went to let them out of the coop and one of the chicks didn't want to move or go about its day. Brought him outside and just sat there and didn't move. My wife put him inside and started giving him cider vinegar water and just kept an eye on him. At 3 pm she started noticing bloody poop and he still is just sitting there and almost seems very sleepy. I am completely new to chickens and you should also know that they are free range chickens. Also there are 13 adult barred rocks that they live with. Everything on the internet points to Cocci but its late in a very dry year and they were started on medicated starter. Any help would be wonderful.
There are 8 or 9 variants of coccidiosis. If in doubt and I'd not be in doubt, I'd treat immediately. Coccidiosis is a fast, fast killer. Do not administer vitamins or anything that might assist the disease in the chick's gut. Treat with Corid ASAP.
TSC sells the powder form. 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water. You can then fill that chick's waterer and also use the mix to drench his feed and make it damp. You can also administer a slightly more potent version via an eye dropper to get some in its system.

Medicated feed will often not prevent a serious outbreak. Adults build immunity.
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I guess better safe than sorry as this is my wife's favorite, I found a mills fleet farm open til 9 45 minutes away. So I am off and running. I will treat all the waterers that they have available to them and continue for the week and we will see how it shakes out. Thanks again for the advice.
8 week old still not doing well
So as to my previous post, I have had my 8 week old chick on Corid for 2 days and he seems to not be doing any better, as a matter of fact I thought he was doing worse this morning. We continue to force him to drink which goes pretty well but he has not eaten in 2 1/2 days. I am wondering if he has a different problem as although he hasn't eaten his crop seems some what bulged but i can't feel grain or anything in there but its not flat or what I would imagine it would be without haven't eaten in multiple days. The bloody poop seems to have stopped but he still seems very tired and out of it.
To a second problem that has arisen, I have a 3 year old Barred rock that is limping badly and seems to just sit a lot. She still eats and drinks. She has started sitting on Nesting box roost rather than her normal roost that is higher. I checked her out and there appears to be no breaks or she doesn't show any signs of distress when I mess with her but her middle toe seems to be swollen larger than her other middle toe. Is there like a anti-inflammatory that chickens can have or should I let it take its course, or do I have to find a chicken vet somewhere?
This chicken stuff was easier when everything went perfectly, now 4 months in I guess I am being indoctrinated!

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