Elderly duck throwing up antibiotics, please help


Feb 2, 2015
Hello, all, if anyone has any advice, I am grateful in advance.
I have a 13-year-old Pekin male who lives indoors; he was not eating well the first week of May and went off his Mazuri waterfowl feed after having some strawberries as a treat and refusing to eat anything but them (he is historically a picky eater) then suddenly not eating at all and being very lethargic.
He went to the vet May 9 where he was put on Clavamox and the vet reached out to an avian vet for recommendations on further testing over the weekend because of his age. He improved a lot as far as being less lethargic and he started eating, though we had to switch foods.
The vet did the testing a few days later, an x-ray that was clean with no signs of tumors or obstructions, etc., and then bloodwork which came back May 15 with good kidney, liver and most everything numbers except he had lost protein since previous bloodwork in January. The vet recommended taking him off the antibiotic to get a fecal culture that Monday, May 18 that would be sent off to check for avian TB and other things.
When he was taken off the Clavamox, he began to get lethargic again and eat less, and by May 17 I again switched his food (again these are all types of things he's eaten in the past, just surefire ways to get him to eat). He went for the food (which he has a long history of tolerating) very well but then an hour or so later threw it back up in his water. He also threw up again several hours later.
I called the vet, who said to put him on pedialyte and water, which I did and he did not throw up again and went for the tests in the morning (no results yet) and was put on Metronidazole. At this vet visit his protein numbers had slightly improved.
He had an appetite after coming home although I was hesitant for him to eat much at a time and tolerated the Metronidazole well the first day. Now, his third dose, he has thrown up in his water and he seems to be losing his appetite again. What he does, and he has done this his whole life, is goes wild for a food for a while, gives it up, then will repeat the same with the new food and so forth, with the same few foods.
Now it is happening every few days. He will dibble through a food and act like he is eating it, wildly but nothing goes in his bill.
If you all have any experience at all with loss of appetite, throwing up, throwing up antibiotics, any of that, I would be appreciative. I have already called the vet about this latest and of course we are still waiting fecal results. Thanks again and sorry if this is confusing or complicated. I am just distraught.
Bump? Does anyone have any experience with even ducks throwing up or with the metronidazole? thank you.

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