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    #1. I have put up a 6' fence . I have covered it with bird proof netting(owls, hawks), Now I am putting 4 strands of electric fence around the coop & the yard. I was wondering what will this fence keep out? Just mammils ? or snakes to?
    #2. Also , I have a few rolls of new barbed wire , Can I use this To make an electric fence with? Do you use the same charger(fencer) with the barbed as the aluminum wire?
    Thank you
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    You can use barbed wire as long as it in run through insulators like the smooth wire. Nice part about barbed wire is it will get through to heavy furred animals where the smooth will not.

    If you stagger wires it is even more effective.

    hot barbed wire
    ground wire
    hot barbed wire

    Only problem with electric, is that you have to keep grass well trimmed or it will ground out and be ineffective. Snow does the same thing.

    Use the same fencer.

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