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    Jul 26, 2008
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    Who uses it? I would like to let my chickens out more but they do not need to free range too far. Where is the best place to buy? Any hints/tips?


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    Premier (www.premier1supplies.com) has the best quality (also excellent phone advice - although you might want to use a locally bought charger).

    Remember you have to keep the grass virtually absent under it -- the lowest wire is at about 4" and it sags, so you really can't have grass more than 2" tall or so -- which means frequently moving the net, mowing underneath and replacing it (or relocating it to a new, mowed location). No, you can't just use a stringtrimmer.

    Use tie-backs to extra posts or tent-pegs to bolster the corners, otherwise it gets wibbly in the wind.

    Make sure your fence is set up properly from an electric fence standpoint, i.e. sufficient size charger (an electronet fence draws a WHOLE LOT of current, you would be surprised!), properly made connections, good grounding, etc.

    They are probably more useful for a fence you're intending to move regularly than for a permanent one (the mowing will annoy you less, that way). And of course remember they do nothing vs hawks, and a motivated chicken can fly over the fence.

    I am not meaning to be discouraging - I like electric fence in general, electronet included - you just have to understand their idiosyncrasies and management requirements before you buy.

    Have fun,

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