Electric Poultry fencing? A few questions please.


Apr 30, 2022
Obvious first question ...................... 1. I assume 4 feet is not high enough if I have low mass birds like leghorns?
2. Coons, Possums, Foxes, unmanaged dogs all crop up here......... Is "Poultry Netting" enough to deter them but not kill the chickens?
3. Will rain short or kill the fence regularly?
4. Do the chickens charge or test the fence often?
Here's a current discussion about electric fence that will answer some of your questions: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/need-electric-fencing-advice.1531516/

Many of my chickens *can* fly over my 48" electric netting but they rarely actually *do*. For the most part chickens like to fly up and land on top of something then jump down on the other side rather than flying up and over.

In my flock the POL pullets seem to be the ones who are most prone to wander.

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