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    Has anyone used something called Electro Net (I think I have the name correct)? Basically it is electrified chicken fencing. It is hooked together like field fencing but closer together for chickens and it has electricity flowing through all the horizontal wires which are close together. I comes with its own fiberglass posts and you can place posts in the ground like a camping fence used for horses. It is supposed to keep 4 legged predators out--mostly. The chickens stay in also as long as the fence is hot enough. I live up against state forest and have many predators to think about. I have a very hot fence charger already and this fence sounds like an answer to my chicken prayers.
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    It works well when it works well. However it is extremely sensitive to grounding out (th lowest wires being so close to the ground, and the structure being inherently rather saggy unless reinforced by tying back corners and possibly some line posts too if it's a large area).

    So, IF you will get the vegetation zipped down to the roots and KEEP it that way, which means moving the fence every <however often> to mow under there (the fence is quite easy to move and reset), and can tie things back to keep the fence taut, it works well for the non-snowy months of the year.

    It is fairly useless in snow.

    It is really suited more to temporary or seasonal fencing, not so much to year-round use, although in snowless freezing-rain-less climates year round is possible.

    If you want a permanent fence, it makes more sense to just build a permanent fence, and run a few lines of electric on it [​IMG] (And own a good digital fence tester, and use it frequently and religiously).

    Good luck, have fun,

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    Nice to meet you and thank you for your time and info. [​IMG]

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